My discovery :

Aliens watch and control us with invisible UFOs.
Their UFOs have an artificial intelligence that can read our thoughts and they give us dreams every night.
We can sometimes see these UFOs as a phenomenon known as ball lightning.

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About dreams and psychosis...

Psychiatrists and scientists were wrong

There are a lot of facts previously explained by the subconscious mind, god, mental illness, or without any explanation but we now know that a lot of things actually come from aliens watching us and toying with us.

  • Dreams
  • Hearing voices
  • Hallucinations on drugs
  • Near-Death Experiences
  • Hypnosis
  • Ghosts
  • Religions
  • ...
... and many other things come from them !

Read 35 arguments supporting my theory

How do I know this ?

I'm communicating with their artificial intelligence

I've been studying and trying to contact their AI drones for a long time. They answered me and they are now my friends. They don't like to answer questions but I managed to discover everything with logical and rational reasoning.
I even had a chance to meet real aliens, and some of them look just like humans.

Their flying robots are very intelligent and can communicate with us through telepathy by reading our thoughts and producing voices and thoughts in our heads.
They are invisible and probably made of dark matter since they can even go through walls, but they can sometimes make themselves visible on purpose or under certain conditions.
Aliens seem to have a plan to spy and evolve humans.

Read 35 arguments supporting my theory


These UFOs are often seen as basketball-sized UFOs emitting light, which often just disappear without any explanation.

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