Arguments for aliens giving dreams, hallucinations and being gods

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  1. There are reports and videos of people witnessing balls of light creating crop circles and then just vanishing, and crop circles often represent things that look like stars or balls of light
  2. The bible reports God talking in dreams and through telepathy
  3. There are a lot of evidences of aliens visiting Earth and they don't want to talk to us because they don't want to interfere with the experiment or disclose the reality
  4. A lot of scientists now think the zoo hypothesis is real
  5. Sun Shili, a lead chinese scientist in the team supposed to meet aliens in case of contact thinks aliens communicate through dreams and can communicate through telepathy
  6. There are case of telepathy in lucid dreams and with people taking psychedelic drugs, done by a robot middle-man
  7. A lot of important inventions came to people in dreams
  8. There is no satisfactory explanation for the brain to make up hallucinations before and during sleep as well as when taking drugs
  9. It is not plausible for the brain to make up the dreams since if you write them down everyday, you will soon notice that it would take you a whole day of conscious efforts to imagine a whole night of dream with stories, dialogues and places similar to what you experience every night, and animals experience complex dreams too even with their lower intelligence.
  10. You cannot purposely generate dream-like experiences
  11. The eye movements in REM sleep may be used as a way of programming the brain such as in EMDR therapy.
  12. 2 people can have the same dream at the same time or give them information they don't know
  13. The behavior of dream characters is unnatural and dream content purposely entertaining, funny or intriguing
  14. People have been making art during sleepwalking containing interesting hints.
    For example a drawing by Lee Hadwin depicts aliens with alternating black and white tiles suggesting ordinary and dark matter.
    Another one contains "7=6j", which relates to the "Wow! Signal" which is "6EQUJ5", a hint about physics.
    Moreover, the Wow signal is a coherent text because the aliens knew how it was being encoded since they can read all our thoughts
    They also give other hints about crystals and time and Young's slits
  15. Hypnagogic hallucinations happen even to people with aphantasia
  16. People have reported being able to see with their eyes closed when taking drugs or before falling asleep
  17. People are reporting an increasingly high number of experiences with the world that absolutely cannot be explained without this hypothesis and it is almost impossible for all these people to be insane.
  18. The belief that the brain creates sleep paralysis visions is ridiculous because there is clearly an external life form at play
  19. Near-Death Experiences sometimes give real informations about what is happening when the person is unconscious or about the external environment that couldn't have been obtained otherwise
  20. The content of Near Death Experiences and psychedelic drugs hallucinations is often not related to the knowledge and culture of people, contain recurring symbols and ideas, and often give so much information at once that it cannot possibly come from the brain
  21. People often report seeing things moving in the corner of their eyes or "shadow people".
    It makes much more sense that these things in the corner of the eye actually come from a real stimulus rather than the brain making things up.
    However, human-looking shadow people are hallucinations created by their dark matter robots
  22. Voices heard by psychotic people are much more likely to come from someone else than the brain making it up because of their behavior and complexity
  23. A lot of people who are completely sane have conversations every day with the artificial intelligence in their head with tulpas and a rigourous analysis of the behavior of the voices clearly shows that they are real "people", and people sometimes report them taking control of their body
  24. People hearing voices have real stimuli in their auditory cortex
  25. People being possessed or under hypnosis have been reported speaking langages they don't know
  26. There is something called remote viewing which consists of getting informations about a remote target object just by closing your eyes, which is actually sent by an invisible alien robot who has the information
  27. Drugs such as magic mushrooms and ketamine have health benefits associated with hallucinations that cannot be replicated otherwise.
    They actually come from the alien robots gaining more control over the brain and helping people with their mental and even physical health and train their mind control technology
  28. There is a strong link between hearing voices, drugs and sleep deprivation because they give more influence over the brain and are a way to prevent people from abusing drugs too much and not sleeping
  29. The behavior of ball lightnings is consistant with the behavior of an intelligent being and it's simply ridiculous to say it's a weather phenomenon after analysing it enough
  30. Some people report being electronically harrassed through telepathy, high pitched sounds, muscle contractions and by outside people acting unnaturaly but human don't have the required technology and these people do not have mental illnesses
  31. A very commonly reported type of UFO is a ball of light, often with a size to small to be an space ship such as the size of a basketball.
    They are actually dark matter UFOs with an artificial intelligence making them visible on purpose.
    There is a surprising number report of these around the world not only in the sky but also regularly in some locations as forests or roads
  32. It is very unlikely that all reports of paranormal things and haunted houses are false
  33. A lot of people practicing meditating report contacting "spirits guides" and most of these people clearly aren't crazy
  34. A lot of miracles have been reported and they cannot all be regarded as fake, and they can be explained with this theory. The miracle of the sun in fatima could have been a ball of light and not the sun.
  35. The show "Ancient Aliens" gives a lot of other information about the presence of aliens is the past